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GCPHONE is a Commercial Management app, specifically designed for Smartphones and tablets. The minimum required version to run this application is Android 5.0.GCPHONE is practical and easy to use. The App helps you to create rapidly quotes, orders and invoices, as well as to manage and track your business activity.
GCPHONE embeds neither In-App purchase nor In-App advertisement. Once you bought GCPHONE, you can enjoy all the functionalities and free upgrades without any limitation or annual fees.
GCPHONE can be installed on several devices (just buy once the app). Backup and restore functions can be done with your DROPBOX Account. Then, you can transfer your data from one device to another.
Documents are generated in PDF mode.You can display or send them by Email. For each type of document, you can select a specific model (5 models are available).
If you work in a small company, as craftsman, self-business man or freelance, GCPHONE is the solution, the most practical and easy to use. GCPHONE can be used with your smartphone OR your tablet.
In the Contact module, you can easily categorize your contacts by type (Prospect, Customer, Supplier or Other) and manage them. From the contact view, you can also send Emails, locate from Google Maps, and send a SMS.
Products are defined by Type and Family, and can be stocked or not.If stocked, the in stock quantity will be automatically updated when validating or deleting an order. Warnings are displayed if refurnishment/warning quantities are reached.You can create your own Product Types and Families.4 Tariffs are available for products, depending on the Customer Tariff category.
In the Appointment/Task module, manage your appointments with contact and task lists. 2 modes of viewing can be used (monthly or weekly). You can define the type of appointment by yourself, for example Internet Meeting, Telephone, etc.
In the Expense Account module, manage your expenses by envelopes. Generate PDF report of expenses note or envelope and send it out by Email, for example to your accountant. For each expense note, you can attach a photo of justification. A monthly gauge shows the percentage of reimbursement for each month. GCPHONE includes 10 default categories of expense account, but you can add your own if needed.
The Statistics module analyzes your business activities by the chosen period. The vivid graphic charts give you a rapid and synthetic vision of your turnover, expenses, and classifications of best products and clients in a chosen period.
GCPHONE offers you many personalization options, in example : company logo, sale conditions and footer for your Quote/Order/Invoice (these personalizations are displayed on the generated PDF documents). You can also configure the language and desired currency.
The Warning module informs you about abnormal activities : Stock Alert, unpaid invoices, unresponsive quotes etc. The warnings are colored by importance.
You can save and restore your data in the phone, or your PC connected with the phone.
Finally, you can download the GCPHONE Help guide app for free. Just follow the help, you can easily get all the modules of GCPHONE, and start your business !
Main Functionalities • Quotes, Orders, Invoices and Suppliers Orders Management.• Contact Management.• Product Management, stocked / non-stocked. 4 Tariffs available.• Suppliers products management• Appointment and Task Management.• Expense Account Management.• Analyze your activity rentability by Project• Preview / Print documents in PDF Format.• Send documents and reports by Email.• Personalization of documents / reports and currency.• Multi criteria Search / Sort / Filter Data.• Daily Alerts.• Statistics by period (Turnover, Customers, Products, Expense...).• In-App Help and quick start.• Save, Restore, Reset data. Data transfer with Dropbox.• English / French / Italian